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how can i get involved in this

awesome ministry? we're glad you asked!

Hey there! My name is Todd and I am the Director of Media Ministries @ FBCO. We have rolled out some great and exciting tech at First Baptist Opelika over the last 6 months and are excited to say we will continue to upgrade all of our technology to make things better, faster or easier. With that comes a greater responsibility to have volunteers that have a technical background in computers, lighting, cameras, Pro Presenter, video and cameras (We call this the tech team). You might have noticed the media display throughout the church. We plan on adding many more of these and it allows for us to broadcast information to the church campus from our broadcast facility along with each service so no one will be left out of our services.

If you have "a particular set of skills" or just a great heart for helping and are looking to get plugged into the media ministry, email or call me.

Some positions available for Sunday and Wednesday volunteers:

  • Camera Operator
  • ProPresenter Operator
  • Director (calls the shots in broadcast)
  • Assistant Audio/Front of House (helps prepare the venue for worship)
  • Sound Mixer (We have 4 venues that need audio support using Avid, X32, and Presonus Desks)
  • Digital Content Creator (graphics, video, signage)

Thanks for your time.

Todd Makris

Director of Media Ministries

334.745.5715 ask for Todd M